ADVENTURE: Cape Town 2017


This year saw the largest contingent of Cape Town girls, along with three girls from Johannesburg, take on the AFL Western Cape challenge this year.

We set off from Cape Town airport loaded with donations for the Byekorf Creche in McGregor.  With much assistance from the local community we were able to set up a wonderful project where the local nursery school received a much needed face lift in the classroom for the older children.  Parents are asked for R10 per day for their children to attend the school and receive a meal.  Sadly some parents are not in a position to pay this at all or not for 5 days of the week.

Each child was given a goodie bag which was so well received and packed away very quickly into their personal bag so that it could be taken home. They were treated with hot dogs and ice cream too.

The local community was hugely supportive in that they donated paint and then some of the residents took the time to prepare the walls so the AFL team could arrive and do the final coats and decorate.

The next morning on our way to breakfast at the local market one of our members saw some of the elderly folk from Montague sitting on the patio of Huis Uitvlugt and we decided to treat the frail care people with some cakes.  What a joy it is to be able to give such a simple pleasure to a person who appears to have been forgotten in a room somewhere.  Not all of the residents felt this way and one even challenged the girls to some press ups in the passage.  He was mighty fit for an old age home!

Huge excitement for AFL Cape Town as we now have a branch of 5 ladies spreading the love in the Western Cape and they will be doing another adventure next year.

Please note, all expenses for the Adventures for Love adventures are for each members own account, meaning that everything collected on our wish list, all donations and sponsorships are used purely for the charities or projects.