PROJECT: Modimolle


The ladies  headed off to Village d’Afrique, who had very kindly sponsored the ladies’ accommodation for the weekend. There we put together a large serving of curry and rice which would be used for the residents of Waterberg Dienssentrum the next day.

Eager to serve the ladies were up in their slippers as we supported Slipper Day, we headed back into Modimolle where we were heartily greeted by the residents and staff of the Waterberg Dienssentrum. The group split up into groups and we painted the home, replaced their sitting room chairs with higher and more comfortable chairs, played bingo with the residents and then ate lunch with them. A sad comment from one of the residents was that we were like the wind and brought happiness and then we were gone. So sad that some people have no family or visitors at all but they are very well taken care of by the staff at the centre.

After lunch the dining room was quickly stripped and all the table cloths, serviettes and place mats replaced with brighter and newer cloths.

We left the centre sadly as the residents were so pleased with the gifts, prizes and fun time they had.

Saturday was a big day for us as we had been chosen by the Put Foot Rally and Shoe Foundation to work with them on a shoe drop in the area. 230 pairs of shoes had been delivered for us and we got together socks to go with each and every pair of shoes. Klub Helpmekaar, an organization for the unemployed, disadvantaged and needy people in the area had gathered children in desparate of shoes, socks and stationery from various schools and they were treated to a special day of activity.

Click here to view the shoe drop video. 

One of our ladies bumped into a mom of a child who had received goods and this was the message:
“She says she can’t thank us enough. Her kids are so chuffed with their goodies and could not wait to put them on for school today. She says thank you so much to all the ladies and started crying, says you don’t know how you helped them.”

Before the weekend ended the girls were able to get in a beautiful hike in the Bateleur Nature Reserve and some fun My Kitchen Rules evenings.

3 days of giving and sharing love is truly  amazing and we would like to thank all the organisations and people who have so kindly helped us make this special.