PROJECT: iKhaya da Luz bathroom

March 2022

Ikhaya da Luz Children’s Safe Haven and Foster Home (NPO 199-520)

Ikhaya da Luz is a registered NPO situated in Benoni providing a Safe Haven and Foster Home where neglected, abused, abandoned, and orphaned Children are cared for, nourished, loved, and guided to experience their magnificence. Ikhaya da Luz cares for children from different race groups of any age providing a permanent home for Children that are not reunified with parents or family until they are of age. Ikhaya da Luz are registered with My School Card and receive intermittent subsidies from the Department of Social Development, but it is not nearly enough, and they therefore rely on donations from the community to cover their expenses and food requirements.
The lockdown has made it extremely difficult to raise funds as the home has not been able to organize any fundraising events, and many sponsors/donors have also not been able to assist during this period due to their loss of business and the uncertainties regarding their own income.

• FirstRand Unsung Heroes Programme
• Adventures for Love
• Personal donation made by Ana Pereira
• Personal donations made by Desiree Friend
• Builder donation
• Roof Sheeting donated by Trumod
• Donations of pre-loved toilet, bath, shower Isabel and Pieter

A special thank you to FirstRand Unsung Heroes for the enormous contribution made to the
success of this project. As a charity group, Adventures for Love would not have been able to achieve what we have without the continuous support and assistance from our generous sponsors and donors as well as our local communities.