PROJECT: Sakhelwe Creche


After the activities at Sakhelwe Creche in 2018, Julia, the founder of the school, requested assistance with helping parents understand their responsibility to the children in terms of paying school fees. On 5 February Jenny travelled to Dullstroom and was kindly accommodated by the Dullstroom Country Cottages.

The school has a total of 60 pre-school children and 45 adults were present at the meeting. Jenny spoke to them about the importance of playing a role in the upbringing of their children and addressed the regular payment of school fees and supporting the school. She also advised parents to ensure that the children were exposed to the English language. On further investigation it has been established that young children should hear each different language from a different person. Her message was gratefully received by the parents and they have requested further education on early childhood development.

It has been established that Brain Boosters have a free library of lessons in English and further investigation will be done to see how this project can be rolled out to other schools.


Follow up on Sakhelwe Creche:

It was pouring with rain and yet we had a good turnout of parents. We chatted with them about the responsibility of the child being a combination of both the teacher and the parent and that children need support and consistency from both sides.

We shared about how the brain works and how they can engage with their children at home to assist them in their development. There was a request to try and package a few goodies per child for home use. Scissors, crayons and scrap paper. The environment outside was wet and miserable but we had warm hearts and engaged parents inside with us. Thank you for the opportunity.

It has been suggested that we have actual equipment and training aid available to Julia, as opposed to the intended TV/Computer option.
Julia would be able to back up her learning through watching short modules on a cell phone.
There are 6 modules but the basics of colour, shape and number are covered in the first three.

Lynda Smith has very kindly offered to put her in touch with the right facilitator, there is however a cost of about R5000, which AFL will endeavor to raise for this worthy cause.