PROJECT: iKhaya Da Luz

iKhaya Da Luz is a Children’s Safe Haven and Foster Home situated in Benoni and late last year we received a request to help Nadia, a 16-year-old young lady.

Nadia and her twin brother Jonny have been part of the Ikhaya Da Luz family for three years and live a loving and nurturing home life with twelve other members and Aunty Ana, their house mother.

Nadia is an exceptional student and has always achieved within the top 10 academically.  Taking it upon herself she made application to Rotary for a year-long exchange programme.

Applicants were numerous, but Nadia believed in herself and the contribution she could make abroad.  After many interviews she was accepted to travel to Germany in January 2020.

Nadia is gentle and kind and always willing to help with chores in the home, as well as to assist with the younger children during play, bath and feed times.  She is a determined young lady, outgoing and enjoys a good laugh.

To add to the excitement of Nadia’s journey, Adventures for Love hosted a get together for all the children at Ikhaya where they enjoyed a braai with refreshments and treats.  At this event AFL had the opportunity of handing over a large suitcase, trolley backpack, power bank, and flash drive. She was now equipped to embark on her soon to be unforgettable travel experience and was eternally grateful for the generosity.

A beautiful camera was also donated by a good friend of one of the AFL members to capture every moment.

Nadia’s travel documents delayed her departure of January 2020, but she departed on Wednesday, 4 March.  We wish her nothing more than safe travels and God’s richest blessings along the way.